Relationship therapy
for couples and individuals

Are you looking for relationship therapy in English in Amsterdam? Relationship therapist Alex Berendsen helps couples and individuals experiencing relationship problems.

Relationship therapy in Amsterdam

Alex Berendsen is an EFT-certified relationship therapist who has been helping expats and foreigners living in and around Amsterdam improve their relationships.

Relationship therapy for couples and individuals

Relationships don't always go smoothly, and sometimes you and your partner may struggle to find common ground.

You naturally prefer to solve problems on your own. Often, that approach works well. However, issues can accumulate, leaving you unsure about how to proceed.

With a combination of a proven therapeutic model and extensive life experience, Alex helps couples find their way back in love relationships. Alex also provides therapy to individuals who want to come without their partner. 

Do you recognize the following problems?

  • You have frequent fights, conflicts and issues.
  • Your relationship has become stagnant, lacking passion, intimacy, and sexual contact.
  • You sometimes think about ending the relationship.
  • You have difficulty understanding each other and try to convince one another of your own perspectives.
  • Trust has been broken due to infidelity.
  • You or your partner blame yourselves or each other for the difficulties in the relationship.
  • You believe that if you help your partner enough, they will change.
  • You often worry about how to improve your relationship.

Do you recognize one or more of the examples above? Although they are diverse, they all revolve around patterns and communication. It is possible to address these issues, and I can assist you with that.

How would it be if you had a relationship...

  • That feels balanced and healthy: you enjoy each other's company.
  • Where tensions, fear, and stress diminish, alleviating doubts about the relationship.
  • Where you experience both a deep sense of connection and a great sense of freedom.
  • Where everything is open for discussion, even the topics that make you nervous, resulting in a strong sense of trust.
  • A relationship in which you deeply feel, "Yes, this is right," enabling you to truly open up and relax.

Results in 5 sessions

In a brief and intensive program consisting of 5 sessions, I can help you gain insight into the patterns that hinder you and develop the skills to make positive changes. 

The approach is aimed at achieving de-escalation of tensions and gaining insight into the situation within 5 sessions. Then you have the essential tools at hand to get a deeper connection with each other. 

How does relationship therapy work?

I primarily use Emotionally Focused Therapy, commonly known as EFT. EFT is a scientifically proven therapy that has benefitted many couples. With EFT, the focus is on the essence of the relationship, addressing the problem at its core. It breaks through patterns that people are stuck in.

I work with four steps:

  1. Recognizing the pattern: We begin by gaining insight into the pattern that you repeatedly get caught up in. This brings clarity and relief to couples.
  2. Breaking the pattern: In the de-escalation phase, we stop the pattern that causes distance in the relationship. By applying the brakes to the problem, we create space for the important work of restoration. This allows room for listening.
  3. Going deeper: We delve deeper to uncover what lies beneath the pattern. You discover the underlying needs and fears of both yourself and your partner. These are the driving forces behind the patterns that manifest on the surface.
  4. Creating new connection: In the fourth step, using the insights gained in the previous steps, you learn new patterns to resolve conflicts and problems. These patterns can be learned because you have learned to listen and now have a deeper understanding. This leads to deeper connection and renewed bonding.

EFT relationship therapy helps you develop a healthier approach to your relationship or restore an unhealthy relationship to a healthy state.


This program is designed to make quick progress. Visible results are achieved in just 5 sessions. You will feel less tension, more at ease, and a stronger connection with each other. A package of 5 sessions costs 550 euros (excluding VAT).

Each session lasts one hour.

Five sessions are usually enough, but it depends on your past experiences with personal development and therapy. Get more clarity during the free Introductory session with me.

Introductory session

Feel free to contact me for a free introductory session, where we can assess whether there is a connection and how I can assist you further.


A journey to self-disclosure

Alex creates an atmosphere in which you come to self-disclosure and also brings in his own development/journey. In his guidance and questioning, he quickly gets to the heart of the matter in a calm and decisive manner. His exercises have depth and are playful in character. I can absolutely recommend Alex.

Jantien Wester ​Sr. Career and Personal coach

A lot of insight into my patterns in a short time

The voice dialogue that Alex uses has given me a lot of insight into my patterns in a short time. Through therapy and coaching I already had a lot of insight into myself, but I was not always able to make that step towards a switch in behavior at crucial moments. Ie: change of my patterns. Although I was aware of my patterns, I was unable to break them. Through this form of coaching, Alex has given me more insight into “which voice” is actually speaking. His approach has taught me even more about how the pain of the child part and the destructive critical voice sometimes subconsciously take over and thus make you react in an undesirable way. Very enlightening. Gaining more insight into myself in a few sessions is exactly what I was looking for. If you want, Alex can help you with that.

Barbara van Bemmel Co-owner Navy Agency | Fashion Sales en PR

I came in with a knot and left with a 'manual' to myself

Alex is a calm and sharp listening pro. The first hour is already hit. He uses 50 minutes of this first hour for analysis and 10 minutes for real actionable, tangible feedback. Not easy. For your face, useful, warm and spot-on. I came in with a knot and left with a 'manual' to myself. Are you stuck in your life? Call Alex!

Jan Korf Senior Productowner

Book a free introductory session

Are you interested? Then contact me to book a free introductory session, where we can assess whether there is a connection and how I can assist you further.