Couples therapy Amsterdam 

Your relationship? It could be better. But how?

You live in or near Amsterdam and you are looking for a relationship therapist who speaks English. This makes sense if one or both of you don't speak Dutch very well. Couples therapy is about understanding the emotions and thoughts behind the behaviour of yourself and your partner. Discovering the real reason why your relationship is not going well and how to solve this can be liberating. Communicating in a right way is very important.

You have come to the right place with me, Alex Berendsen, certified couples therapist in Amsterdam.

I speak fluent English and I guide couples towards a better relationship.

Couples therapy using EFT

I use EFT techniques to help you improve your relationship. With EFT relationship therapy, you will discover what is behind the dissatisfaction in your relationship. Understanding emotions and needs in yourself and your partner creates mutual understanding. This allows you to reverse the negativity and move closer to each other.

 Would you like to experience how EFT couples therapy can improve your relationship? Please contact me for an introductory session. You are welcome. I am located in the center of Amsterdam.

Why EFT couples therapy with Alex Berendsen

  • Experienced, certified EFT couples therapist

Alex Berendsen is a certified EFT couples therapist. With over 10 years of experience in coaching and counseling, Alex knows how to put his finger on the sore spot.

  • Results within 5 sessions

Alex's approach with EFT is fast and effective. You can expect to see results in as little as five sessions. Plus, there is currently no waiting list, so you can get in soon!

  • English? Yes, please

Do you or your partner not speak Dutch well? No problem at all. A large proportion of the couples who come to Alex for couples therapy do so in English.

  • Customised Therapy

I look at your personal situation and adapt my approach accordingly.

  • Appointments outside of regular office hours

Is it hard to schedule an appointment during regular business hours due to work or running your own business? I have sessions on Monday evening and Wednesday afternoon and evening only.

  • In the center of Amsterdam

Located in the heart of Amsterdam, you'll find our practice on Van Eeghenlaan, just steps from the Vondelpark.

EFT Couples therapy

With EFT (Emotionally Focused Therapy) you can improve your relationship by gaining insight into why you behave the way you do and how you react to each other.

EFT helps you understand not only why your partner behaves the way they do, but also your own behavior. The most heated arguments often start over nothing. It's the underlying emotions, needs and beliefs that cause them to escalate. Everyday problems are just manifestations of these.

Talking about what's bothering you is not enough. Unless the root of the problem is addressed, it will continue to fester. EFT gets to the root of the problem. That's why it is so effective, even in the long term.

EFT Relationship Therapy is a scientifically proven and highly effective method for deeply and permanently resolving relationship problems. 80% of couples who receive EFT relationship therapy report a significant improvement in their relationship.

How EFT couples therapy works: an example

Marieke and Peter argue more and more about small things. She has started to get irritated by seemingly small things and often confronts Peter about them. It turns out that Marieke is unhappy with the attention Peter pays to her and the family. Every little thing triggers her. Peter, on the other hand, doesn't understand why Marieke is always nagging about small things and avoids the situation by shutting down. As a result, their relationship continues to deteriorate.

Through EFT relationship therapy, Marieke and Peter have begun to recognize and understand their negative interaction patterns. Marieke argues in response to her feeling of not being seen. Peter shuts down to avoid feeling rejected.

Through relationship therapy, they learn not only to recognize and understand the patterns, but also how to break the pattern. They are given tools to communicate with each other, to share their feelings and to listen to each other without judgment.

An extremely qualified therapist. He is incredibly gentle and kind, while remaining precise and very relevant in his analysis. He helped us enormously and gave us hope. Thanks to Alex, we're living more serenely and surrounded by lots of love. I recommend him 1000%!

Joey and Hiba

When is couples therapy a good decision?

Going to couples therapy can be a big step. But couples therapy is good for anyone who wants a good relationship. Not only if your relationship is in trouble, but also if there is no cloud in the sky. Because if you care about each other, then couples therapy is a good choice. It always helps you to get closer to each other.

Even if you are not in a relationship right now! That may sound strange, but even if you are unable to form long-term relationships and you would like to, then ralationship therapy is a solution. You will gain more insight into your own role and your beliefs. With that insight, you can enter into a new relationship differently. That's why I also offer individual couples therapy.

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Individual relationship therapy

Individual relationship therapy is for people who are in a relationship but want to work on their relationship without their partner. For example, because your partner does not want to come. Or because you do not want your partner to come. Maybe you see for yourself that you do not always react rationally and you want to address this.

Individual relationship therapy is also for people who have difficulty forming or maintaining relationships. Do they always end in disappointment? Even then, individual relationship therapy is recommended.

5 sessions of couples therapy can make a world of difference

breaking patterns with EFT couples therapy EN

The basis for a major change in your relationship is a short and intensive program of 5 sessions. In these sessions you will go through all 4 steps.

You will gain insight into the patterns that are holding you back and how to break them: Steps 1 and 2.

In subsequent sessions, you will break the patterns and learn new ways of thinking and behaving: Steps 3 and 4.

How much does it cost?

A program of 5 sessions costs 550,- (excl. VAT).

One session is one hour.


About Alex Berendsen

My name is Alex. All my life I have been good at listening to people and sensing what is going on with the other person. For years, I worked in the corporate world. But what I was less good at was maintaining my romantic relationships.

I immersed myself in relationships and found it so interesting how patterns work that I decided to make a career change. This was more than 10 years ago. After taking several intensive courses, I started my practice in the center of Amsterdam. And with success. I have helped many couples to improve their relationship.

And of course, as the icing on the cake, I became the father of a son. And yes, the mother and I are also a close team. Together we are working on building an emotionally close relationship with our son.

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Couples therapy in Amsterdam or online

Alex Berendsen's practice is located on van Eeghenlaan, next to the Vondelpark in the center of Amsterdam. Ideal for those coming from Amsterdam or using public transportation.

Is the location hard to reach for you? Then online sessions are also possible.


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